Local and State Governments engage EMA Legal for employment and governance advice, and retain us to represent them in disputes.

We appreciate the various objectives government entities must achieve. When we act for government we automatically consider accountability requirements, freedom of information issues, internal decision making processes, judicial review considerations, model litigant obligations, the beneficial nature of government programs, the relevant commercial objectives, and whole of government interests. These factors create an extra layer of complexity which we understand.


Many councils find EMA Legal’s pragmatic approach invaluable in resolving governance issues. EMA Legal has modernised a number of council’s enterprise agreements to help create more productive workforces, and has worked with councils to make cultural changes within particular sections of a council or across entire councils. When senior management require dismissal many of Adelaide’s councillors and mayors turn to EMA Legal to manage the process. We are regularly asked by councils to attend council meetings to assist with complex governance challenges.


Our experience in workers compensation and public sector employment place us in a unique position to act effectively for government entities. We also have considerable experience acting for public utility providers, dealing with the full range of industrial matters faced by those entities.